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Past Events

Matthew Phillips
November 11, 6PM - 10PM

 Phillips finds himself captivated by creation’s story and the themes of life, death, and resurrection reflected throughout the natural order. While Phillips works in many different media, he has a special relationship with wood.  From the story of a tree to the beauty of the wood revealed, he has a profound attraction to the material.  A great deal of his work is an attempt to express the mysteries of our lives, the goings on within us, and the Creator’s interaction with the created order.

Development in Gardening
Cocktails & Castoffs 
November 6th, 5PM - 7PM

With a theme of “Food Waste and Loss,” Cocktails & Castoffs invited foodies and environmentalists alike to not only learn about domestic and foreign food issues, but also to taste the benefits of kitchen mindfulness. Seven of Atlanta’s hottest chefs took on DIG’s zero waste challenge and presented attendees a series of innovative, mouthwatering dishes that minimized food waste as much as possible.


Headlining chefs included Linton Hopkins (Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch, the Bread Box), Tiffanie Barriere (One Flew South), Angus Brown (8arm, Octopus Bar), Kevin Clark (Home Grown), Yoshifusa Kinjo (Nakato), Savannah Sasser (Twain's), and Kamal Grant (Sublime Doughnuts).


Markeidric Walker, Born in Arkansas, moved to Georgia as a young boy. This move opened opportunities for him and his family. As a kid he took on many sports in his spare time which at an early age introduced him to disciplines like hard work and determination. On top of being heavily involved with sports, he also discovered a great passion for art. At the age of 6 he was placed in private art lessons with the same teacher (Phillis Bostar) until he graduated high school at 17. So at an early age Markeidric began studying masters, from Davinci to Rembrandt. After graduating, his learning relationship with Phillis was brought to an end so he began his pursuit of higher education attending Savannah College of Art and Design as a painter. His current body of work focuses on spaces that explore dimension. Through manipulating paint application, things like landscapes, portraits, and interior spaces trigger the desire to engage his work.

Crowell A Pate IV
May 23rd - May 27th

Ingrained is an MFA thesis show produced by Crowell A Pate IV. This show marked the consummation of Crowell's MFA work at SCAD-Atlanta. It has been through his arduous journey that the fruits of his labor are now revealed. 

Jermaine Clark 
April 16th - May 14th
Jermaine Clark is a visual artist based in Atlanta, GA.  Heavy influences of music, street art and actual life stories are immediately evident in his art, as he probes the psyche of those on the road to success. He employs a combination of techniques and styles that "reflect the constant transitions in your pursuit of happiness."  Since 2010, Clark has produced seven self-funded solo art exhibits. Clark’s ambitious efforts have helped him develop a very loyal following, rapidly garnering the attention of enthusiasts and players in the art community.  Clark’s goal is to show people they can get what they want out of life if they “Dream. Try. Do Good.”

The Sabah Dealer

March 19th & 20th

12pm -5pm

Every pair of Sabahs is handmade of high quality leather by shoemakers in an ancient bazaar in southeast Turkey. These craftsmen are trained in a disappearing skill of hand- stitched shoe construction, unique to Sabah and a few remaining families, which have cultivated their craft over generations. 







Film screening: "HAPPY"

March 20th 6:30pm


Join us in celebrating the International Day of Happiness with a screening of the family-friendly documentary, Happy, as seen on Netflix and iTunes! We’ll have popcorn for the kids and wine for the adults. More on the film:

From Academy Award® nominated director Roko Belic, Happy takes viewers on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories of people from around the world and powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research, Happy explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion.

Happy Film:​

Education of the Negro: a photographic study by Dr. Horace Mann Bond 

In 1930 Horace Mann Bond traveled through several southern states documenting rural communities and their schools for the Tuskegee Institute and Rosenwald Fund.  His main objective was to determine the impact that schools were having on the communities by conducting interviews and standardized testing.


As a part of his study, Bond also chose to take pictures of the buildings and people, which are the images that are displayed in this exhibit.  These images were not used in Bond's original reportage and remained in storage for 85 years until his son James recently found the negatives in his families home.

Proving Grounds
Black and white imagery of the United States Marine Corps recruit training by Jason Maris

An intimate glimpse into United States Marine Corp recruit training.  The large format images taken with vintage plastic cameras from the early 60's are surreal and hauntingly visceral. Accompanied by a pixel camera video, the space is filled with voices of these young recruits. 


In 1994 Maris was embedded on Parris Island for 23 days. Each image captures a unique moment in the process of transformation that thousands of young men and women experience once committed to a life of service to the American public.  This is the first time the photographs have been exhibited in their entirety. 

Both exhibits shown October 3rd - 31st, 2015 as part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography.



The Square Show

Atlanta Collage Society

August 29th - Sept 26th


This interactive show highlights the Atlanta BeltLine combining innovative technology with a collage art format.

Opening Reception: August 29th 2015 6pm -9pm

Closing Reception: September 26 2015

Dinner Lab: Atlanta

Dinner Lab is a social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the conventional restaurant experience. Our events bring together a group of interesting strangers around a common table to share cuisine crafted by up-and-coming chefs from all over the country.


We don't dictate what our chefs cook, but instead give them a platform to tell a story through their menus — recipes that speak to their background or heritage, ingredients they are passionate about, or completely new dishes they've been experimenting with on days away from the restaurant. Our platform flips the traditional "dinner out" on its head by putting chefs at the center stage and giving our diners a voice in the process. Each time you attend an event, your feedback and suggestions are shared with the chef so that he or she can iterate and improve on their menu concept. With your input, aspiring chefs are given the tools they need to effectively prototype new dishes and tweak recipes to help them create the next great restaurant concept.
Development in Gardening
Sundowners & Supper fundraiser

A taste of Africa made fresh through the flavors of a DIG Garden at Gallery L1. The evening included signature cocktails and the stylings of several noted Atlanta chefs, including Eddie Hernandez (Taqueria del Sol), Duane Nutter (One Flew South), Russ Pysell (Yummy Street), Marvin Woods (Food Network), Andy Gonzalez (Steinbeck's), and Ben Portman (Porkman's Table), as they present African and garden inspired bites


The event was emceed by Virginia Willis, Georgia-born French-trained Chef who has cooked Lapin Normandie with Julia Child in France, prepared lunch for President Clinton, and catered a bowling party for Jane Fonda -- but it all started in her grandmother’s country kitchen. 


Great night, great food, greater cause!


Ansley West Rivers & Wenxin Zhang

Opening: October 9th 2014


Ansley West Rivers and Wenzin Zhang both received their MFA at California College of the Arts. West's series, Racquet and Rose will be exhibited with Zhang's Beast by the Waterfall Guesthouse. In two unique styles their work explores dream space, memory, fear and connect between emotion and place. Zhang creates non-linear photographic novels. In her writings and photography she describes her experiences of growing up in China, her current life in San Francisco and her personal relationships. West Rivers explores explores the confusion of time and space. Shooting with a 4x5 film camera her work of layered and distorted portraiture as well as images of the deep south capture a history that lies just beyond reach or understanding. The blurred photographic record has roots in both the physical and emotional landscapes. West's work is influences by the writings of Roland Barthes who said, "photography is a medium uniquely capable of expressing loss," which is a perfect was to describe this stunning and surprisingly emotional exhibition. 

Dogwood Table

October 17 & 18 2014

The team of Chef Jared Hucks and Barman Adam Fox – are starting to hit their collective stride. This meal will be their 9th collaboration and meals are shaping up very nicely. After working in the world’s top kitchens (including Arzak in Spain and Noma in Denmark) , Chef Hucks recently landed back in his hometown Atlanta. Travels brought him on a journey that spanned South America, Asia, Australia and Europe – learning, eating, and cooking his way across the map. Fox likewise, has collected his share of flyer-miles - working in Florentine restaurants, New York cocktail joints, and on Portuguese farms. The two put together their far-flung experiences to create a dining experience unique to Atlanta. Their dinners take you to a place where high-cuisine finds it current incarnation, past the place of spectacle for its own sake and into a phase where hospitality, culinary technique, and comfort find a rhythm. It is fine dining, but its relaxed and communal. It’s youthful and exciting. 

Sally King Benedict & Kiki Slaughter Exhibition September 6th - 25th

Lantern Walk: September 6th 2014

Opening: September 11th 2014

Dinner with the Artist featuring Chef Jay Swift: September 26 2014 

Fitting with The Sabah Dealer: September 27th 3-6

Closing & Cocktails: Septmeber 27th 7-10

Roots City Market: Fall 2014
Think London weekend market meets the Brooklyn Flea. That's the essence of the Root City Market, a quarterly pop-up market that calls Atlanta home. In a nod to all things local, Root City Market turns the spotlight on the makers who are proudly crafting in the South.



Music: Jean Rohe & Skye Steele

Skye Steele and Jean Rohe first joined forces over a decade ago and have worked together in numerous settings over the years, vaulting between New York's conjoined worlds of Folk, Jazz, Latin, and avant garde music.


"what sets Jean Rohe apart are the suppleness of her voice, the integrity of her vision, and the grace she shows in her wide-ranging journeys across the musical landscape." --John Platt, WFUV New York


"Skye Steele's intriguing brand of progressive roots music borrows liberally from funk, gospel, avant-jazz and bluegrass.” -- Time Out New York



A night of art and activism dedicated to immigrant artists and artists who have lent their labor of love to the immigrant rights movement. These artists have fought fear, bigotry, and changed the debate about immigrants.



Manchester Orchestra Album Release Party
Tumblr hosted a  Manchester Orchestra Album Release party at Gallery L1 this Spring. It was a multi channel projection installation with audience engagement. Audience could interact with IPads that were set up around the studio and share their thoughts, feelings. These message were then projected in real time through out the performance. The event was sponsored by Heineken. 



Twinhead Theater 
Voted Atlanta's Best Theatre Company 2013 by Creative Loafing readers, Twinhead Theater performed their March 2014 show, "Loaded Guns" at Gallery L1.
Something In Particular​

Gallery L1 hosted Something In Particular in May 2013. SIP was a month long exhibition of artists from thoughout the South. The exhibition is part of an ongoing documentary project by Cubby West and Melonie Tharp.


The artists included Nancy Cheairs, Heather Gordon, Rachel Herrick, Greely Myatt, Karen Ann Myers, Sean Pace, Kong Wee Pang, Melissa Terrezza, and Mathew Thomas.


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